Friday, August 14, 2020

QuickBooks Sync Manager Error: Causes & Solutions to Fix

The Sync Manager Error is a common technical error that many QuickBooks users encounter every now and then. This error can be frustrating because it does not allow you to continue with your accounting work. If you find that the Sync Manager Error occurs often you should call the QuickBooks customer care number and speak to a certified expert to implement an advanced solution to rectify the issue. You can also go through this blog to learn more about the QuickBooks Sync Manager Error and what you can do to fix it.

Causes of QuickBooks Sync Manager Error

The first thing you need to do before you solve any technical or software error is to find the source of the problem. Here’s a quick look at what causes the QuickBooks Sync Manager Error:

·        Certain important program files are missing from your computer

·        The program files are damaged, corrupted or deleted from your PC.

·        Sync Manager Error occurs because of networking issuesduring data transfer.

·        The Firewall or Antivirus settings on your system do not allow entrance to the main server.


Solutions to Fix Sync Manager Error

Solution 1: Change the name for Intuit Sync Manager folder

·        Step 1: Save the data on your company file and close QuickBooks.

·        Step 2: Go to the System Tray Exit Intuit Sync Manager section.

·        Step 3: Right-clickthe Sync Manager icon and select‘Exit Sync Manager.’

·        Step 4: Locate the Sync Manager folder and change it to ‘SyncManager.old.’

·        Step 5: Reopen your QuickBooks software and open Intuit Sync Manager.

·        Step 6: The Sync Manager will automatically recreate the required folder.

·        Step 7: To complete syncing your company data click the ‘Sync Now’ option and then check if the error is fixed.

Solution 2: Reset Intuit Sync Manager

·        Step 1: Open the QuickBooks accounting software on your computer.

·        Step 2: Go to the ‘Help’ section and click on ‘Manage Data Sync.’

·        Step 3: Look for the option that says, ‘Reset Intuit Sync Manager.’

·        Step 4: Press the ‘Reset Data Sync’ button and wait for the notification.

·        Step 5: Once the message appears you can use your Intuit account info.

·        Step 6: Sign into ‘Intuit Sync Manager’ for your company file and follow the workflow instructions and steps to complete the setup.

Solution 3: Uninstall QuickBooks Sync Manager

·        Step 1: Open QuickBooks and go to the menu bar and click ‘Edit.’

·        Step 2: From the drop down options given you need to select ‘Preferences.’

·        Step 3: Click the ‘Integrated Applications’ option and proceed.

·        Step 4: Press the Company Preferences tab and select Intuit Sync Manager

·        Step 5: Click Remove and then go to the Manage Data Sync section and select ‘Clear Sync Settings.’

Once you uninstall QuickBooks Sync Manager you can call the QuickBooks customer service number and speak to a certified expert to find out how to reinstall the software. In case the error is not resolved even after you implement the solutions mentioned above you will need to ask the expert to help you implement a more advanced solution so that you can troubleshoot the QuickBooks Sync Manager error and get your software running again.

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